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Don't Call It A Comeback! w/ FUBU Legend DJ Step One

This week @DjStepOne falls thru and we finally get The Blerds and Clips Origin story. We cover The Matrix franchise, Malignant and additional horror bangers "Saw" "HellRaiser" "Get Out" and more. As Always Follow The Gang @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 x @DJStepOne x @BlerdsAndClips and email us @ BlerdsAndClips@gmail.com

"Jurassic Mark" smh.....

On Todays Episode The Crew covers the Box Office while Shang-Chi reigns supreme, quotable comedians and Vig delivers the banger of the century inspired by Watts childhood paleontology aspirations lol As Always, Follow the Gang @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 x @BlerdsAndClips and email us at BlerdsAndClips@gmail.com

Back on streaming you say???

Sooooo We took a break from the streamers to focus on our video efforts. Yall knew that though right??? Well if not We're Back uploading the audio from episode 22 and on so tap back in with the crew My Gs! As Always follow @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 and @BlerdsAndClips

Pop Bottles, Its Our 21st Podcast!

For episode 21 The Crew is joined by Film maker Keith Collins The 2nd. We talk about Watts and his bout with Covid. We get some industry insight into how getting a movie out works. Then cover Werewolves within, The Blacklist, Netflix picks, Candyman and more! As Always, Follow the Gang @Vigatron999 x @BkaWatts x @BlerdsAndClips

"Clip Walking"

It's Officially Episode 20! We Take a Deep Dive into "The Suicide Squad" we compare it to other Hero Team up flicks and their cliches, we cover Watts disdain for James Gunn and begin our Decade breakdown to find the best year in cinema from 2011-2021. As Always follow the Crew @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 x @BlerdsAndClips and send questions, concerns or comments to BlerdsAndClips@gmail.com

Whorer Stories By (The Award Winning) "Vigatron"

My G's for Episode 19 of The Blerds and Clips Podcast we start off with a New Song and Video for Body Count by our own Vigatron. We celebrate the release of his new album "Whorer Stories" Cover Scarlett Johanssons lawsuit against the mouse house and Hollywoods constant fumbling of LGBTQ content. As always there's more, per usual follow the crew @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 x @BlerdsAndClips and don't forget to send questions concerns and show topics to BlerdsAndClips@gmail.com

Confession...WE AINT WATCH SH*T

On Episode 18 The Gang gets together and realizes that we were too busy to watch anything new. So what do we talk about......? Ah I got it. Rap Interviews, opinions vs facts and more. As Always Follow The Gang @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 x @BlerdsAndClips Questions Concerns Show Topics send to BlerdsAndClips@gmail.com

Hey, we got company!

It's Episode 17 and the Gang is joined by The Homie Jay Floyd. Yeah, the rapper.....BUT....We talk about his new movie and completely act like he doesn't even make music. We also wrap up our Loki coverage, we dive into some throwback properties and of course much much more. Follow the Crew @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 x @BlerdsAndClips and as always Email us Questions and Show topics to BlerdsAndClips@gmail.com

Hi I'm Dave!

We made it to Episode 16! Today the gang is joined by a special guest as we cover Marvels return to the theater, Loki, interesting uses for potholes in East Cleveland and as a bonus......this episode includes a Post Credit Bonus Clip lol Follow the Gang @BlerdsAndClips x @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 or connect with us at BlerdsAndClips@gmail.com

Aint No Interviews...

Wadup doe! This week the Gang denies rappers interviews, discuss Loki and a mediocre movie sequel that features plenty of cussing and FANTASTIC Spanish boobs. Anime comes up and somehow Watts made a mall trip that keeps connecting to subjects lol As Always follow the Gang @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 x @BlerdsAndClips

The Dark Joke Rises...

On Episode 14 of Blerds and Clips the crew let a few wild jokes fly. Dark ones.....like Noob Saibot Dark. Why the hell not? Oh and Loki gets covered along with a few new trailers, some 80s and 90s Nostalgia and the status of Vigs manscaping is FINALLY revealed! As always follow the crew and Podcast pages @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 x @BlerdsAndClips

Sh*t, we missed a week!

Ok Here us out. It's summer lol Watts is back in town from Philly with an AirBnB Nightmare, some new art fuel for stereotypical jokes. Loki comes up, we try to figure out the best movie out so far in 2021. As always, follow the crew @Vigatron999 @BkaWatts @BlerdsAndClips

Nooooow, in HD!

This week The Gang Freestyles an entire episode, why? Aint shit good came out to talk about, but hey we did cover Loki. Who knows what else we're gonna talk about, Google Maps Black zones, The Illuminati, Vigs Pornhub searches? Find out today on Blerds and Clips.

Sponsored by Raycon...

.....That was a Lie lol This week the crew goes in on new and old horror films, a cancelled show, a mediocre comedy and more, splash in some jokes and we're cookin! Follow the Gang @BlerdsAndClips @BkaWatts @Vigatron999

Shitty Movies and The Blerds Who Love Them...

Before we discuss this episode, Go to Youtube and watch The New Virginity Pt. 1 by Vigatron.....Done? Dope Shit right? Cool, Well The Gang is back at it, Today Vig and Watts cover bad movies they actually like, slander Christopher Nolan and share Movie Theater Snack Smuggling techniques every real nigguh should have in their arsenal. As always, follow the crew @BlerdsAndClips x @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999

And then there were 5...

Oh is that Episode 9?!? After an unintended week off The Gang sits down to discuss our Podcast Network Launch event, a few overrated Movies/Shows, M.O.D.O.K, Nobody, Army of The Dead and More.... Follow The Crew @BlerdsAndClips x @BkaWatts x @Vigatron999 Graphics/Visuals: @NoneFlyer Contact: BlerdsAndClips@gmail.com

Last Night At The Grid

The Blerds and Clips crew is back at it again covering overly immersive video games, the regularity of Vigs deuces, gay club kickin it and revisiting Mortal Kombat 1 week later... Follow Us on IG @BlerdsAndClips & The Crew individually @BkaWatts / @Viagatron999

Falcon and The Crispy Lineup

For Episode Se'm The Crew teleports into Power 105.1 and Covers Falcon And His Lineup, Invincible, Anticipated releases for 2021 and speculate when the Next Avengers will come out with guest Show Hampton.

Insert Interesting Episode Title (Here)

Today of course we're live on twitch again. Covering Invincible, Falcon and The Winter Solder, Two Distant Strangers and more...

Oh Yeah, Baby We Live...Well at least we were.

On Episode 5 of The Blerds and Clips Podcast The Gang streams the episode Live on Twitch. Yeah, I know we mentioned that on Episode 4 but we called an audible and swapped the release order....sue us. This time we cover the addition of twitch, Invincible, The Suicide Squad, Black Widow coming to Disney Plus and some other shit....

Holup, you ain't hip to THIS!?

Oh, Hey, didn't notice ya there. This week the crew covers the criminally underrated Shermans Showcase and few other lowkey properties that yall SHOULD be hip to. So "Add Some Kente" to ya day and let us put yall on to some HEAT...

Zacks Snyder's "Blerds And Clips"

This week Watts and Vig weigh in on the supposed final chapter in DCs "Snyderverse". Will Money make this company change their tune? Or do they really want their characters back in color? Oh and the gang discusses super powered Riggs and Murtaugh on Disney Plus...

Something something Zamunda, Wanda Blah Blah Vision

Back at it the crew is, and this week we recap "Coming 2 America" dive into WandaVision and topic hop our way into a convo that may land Vigatron in a old man street fight with Tracy Morgan, who isn't funny...

Our 3rd Intro...We're Tom Holland Now baby

Well Hey, we didn't notice ya there. Uh....Alright let's try this again. Join Watts and Vig, a couple fairly well accomplished entertainers as they embark on their latest venture of kickin cool nerd shit while maintaining a grasp of their real nigga-ness in episode one of the Blerds and Clips Podcast here on the PrO3 Ent. network!